If you are looking to add lighting to your space, hoping that it will accentuate the appearance of your home and increase the excitement you have for the newly created room or whole house, I can help!

I can:

  • Work with your interior designer to include meaningful lighting in the proposals
  • Work directly with you to understand your hopes, combine them with good lighting practices and translate that into instructions for the electrician/installer
  • Specify functional (non-decorative) lighting products that will deliver a desired result
  • Curate a collection of decorative lighting products from which to select if that process becomes overwhelming
  • Provide clear information for the installer/electrician
  • Answer installer/electrician questions

I don’t:

  • Sell lighting, but I can direct you to highly qualified local retailers who have the knowledge and experience required to meet your needs

Let’s Get Started!

If you think I can help you, please contact me. We can arrange a two-hour initial meeting that will define the scope and establish expectations. If I am unable to help, or my ideas are not in sync with your vision, we’ll part friends!

Your Home is Unique!

I know I can help make your home one which family and friends envy!

How Much Will This Cost?

  • $150 – Initial Design-Consultation Fee – 2 Hours
  • $450-$600 – Lighting layout and design for an area, including information needed to buy products and drawing to help the electrician and/or the installer. Whole home fees would need to be quoted, based on size.
  • Any major rework/redesign would be charged at $75 per hour.

“We are 90% unaware of lighting, but 100% affected by it.”